Sian Ferguson

Sian Ferguson

I'm a freelance writer.

Areas of interest include: feminism, queer issues, social justice, witchcraft, sexual assault, mental illness, healing, digital activism, technology. Available for freelance assignments.

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Hypnosis main article

How Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Treat PTSD

Hypnotherapy is a valid mental health treatment. Here's how it's used to help people with PTSD.

What's a normal amount of Sunday anxiety?

What's behind the Sunday blues, and how do we avoid it?

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"The World You’re Crafting Isn’t in a Vacuum": A Zimbabwean Comics Artist on Social Justice and Storytelling

Bill Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe.

624447210 300x200 article

10 Practical Ways to Support Someone Struggling Right Now

It’s great to offer to be there for someone – but how can you actually show up when they’re having a tough time? These simple ideas can make it doable!

Lemony snicket article

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Reflection on Adultism

ASOUE, in gaslighting the Baudelaire children, shows oppression in three sociological models of childhood: Apollonian, Dionysian, and Athenian.

Selfdiagnosing 300x191 article

Self-Diagnosing Mental Illness Isn't Perfect – But Here's Why It Can Be Necessary

Let’s talk about why you may be skeptical about self-diagnosis – and why it can useful for some folks with mental illness.

Stoprapeculture 300x200 article

5 Reasons Why It's Not Okay To Wish Rape On Rapists

Reason #1: “It implies that rape is sometimes deserved.” Your anger is understandable – but here’s what’s dangerous about wishing for rapists to be raped.

Disorderedeating11 article

Should Children (and Adults) Clean their Plates?

On the cultural beliefs that fueled my disordered eating.

1486153084 samantha jones article

Saying You Hate Kids Isn't Edgy — It's Actually Awful

Hating a marginalized and vulnerable group of people isn't okay

640359635 300x200 article

4 Myths About Self-Harm We Urgently Need to Unlearn

Myth #2: “Self-harm is done for attention.” This author learned about self-harm at a young age, and in a terrible way. Let’s do better by unlearning these myths.

Himalayan article

If Something Makes You Feel Better, Is It Medicine?

Are Himalayan salt lamps a hoax - or are they truly effective? And is the placebo effect a sham or an important function of medicine?

160825274 300x206 article

20+ Struggles Mentally Ill People Face in Colleges and Universities

Dealing with the symptoms of mental illness can be hard enough – and these examples of ableism on campus make college even tougher for students.

Uneducatedbigots 300x200 article

3 Reasons Why Calling Bigots 'Uneducated' Is Counter-Productive

Some bigots may be uneducated - but history makes it abundantly clear that someone’s level of education isn’t inherently linked to how open-minded or progressive they are.


The Future Of Memes Is Wholesome

Dark humor has always been prevalent in the memeopshere - but a new, popular trend is the very antithesis of self-deprecation and existential dread.

Therapynotthatsimple 300x200 article

3 Reasons Why 'Just' Seeing a Therapist Isn't That Simple

When people speak about their traumas, we’re often quick to suggest that they see a therapist. Therapy can be healing and valuable - but 'just' seeing a therapist isn't that simple.