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Sian Ferguson

I'm a freelance writer.

Reporting, essays, analysis, and content writing. Areas of interest include health and social justice. Available for freelance assignments.

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The Week

Why are people freezing their bodies?

Cryotherapy - where clients expose their bodies to extremely cold temperatures - is becoming increasingly popular. Here's what's up with this treatment.

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Abortion in South Africa Is Legal — But Half Are Done Illegally. Why?

Legalizing abortion is one thing, but ensuring safe abortion is accessible can be quite another

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Why We Need to Stop Saying Anti-Queer Bigots Are Closeted Gay People

Have you ever said that someone biased against queer people was probably secretly gay? Find out why this as a dangerous line of thinking.

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How Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Treat PTSD

Hypnotherapy is a valid mental health treatment. Here's how it's used to help people with PTSD.

What's a normal amount of Sunday anxiety?

What's behind the Sunday blues, and how do we avoid it?

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"The World You’re Crafting Isn’t in a Vacuum": A Zimbabwean Comics Artist on Social Justice and Storytelling

Bill Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe.

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10 Practical Ways to Support Someone Struggling Right Now

It’s great to offer to be there for someone – but how can you actually show up when they’re having a tough time? These simple ideas can make it doable!

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My skin is still recovering from PTSD

"I became weirdly obsessed with personal hygiene after my assault, resulting in me washing and scrubbing my skin so much that it backfired."

Lemony snicket article

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Reflection on Adultism

ASOUE, in gaslighting the Baudelaire children, shows oppression in three sociological models of childhood: Apollonian, Dionysian, and Athenian.

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Self-Diagnosing Mental Illness Isn't Perfect – But Here's Why It Can Be Necessary

Let’s talk about why you may be skeptical about self-diagnosis – and why it can useful for some folks with mental illness.

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5 Reasons Why It's Not Okay To Wish Rape On Rapists

Reason #1: “It implies that rape is sometimes deserved.” Your anger is understandable – but here’s what’s dangerous about wishing for rapists to be raped.

Disorderedeating11 article

Should Children (and Adults) Clean their Plates?

On the cultural beliefs that fueled my disordered eating.

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Saying You Hate Kids Isn't Edgy — It's Actually Awful

Hating a marginalized and vulnerable group of people isn't okay

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4 Myths About Self-Harm We Urgently Need to Unlearn

Myth #2: “Self-harm is done for attention.” This author learned about self-harm at a young age, and in a terrible way. Let’s do better by unlearning these myths.

Himalayan article

If Something Makes You Feel Better, Is It Medicine?

Are Himalayan salt lamps a hoax - or are they truly effective? And is the placebo effect a sham or an important function of medicine?