Sian Ferguson

Sian Ferguson

I'm a freelance writer.

Reporting, essays, analysis, and content writing. Areas of interest include health and social justice. Available for freelance assignments.

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Cannabis and beauty products 1 kpmrpf article

Cannabis Beauty Products 101: What You Need To Know

While many of us know about marijuana’s medical benefits, few of us realize that it can also be a beneficial addition to our beauty routine.

Open uri20170806 20845 10rpru8 article

HIV and Cannabis: How Weed Helps People With HIV/AIDS

Both HIV and cannabis are stigmatized in their own way. Few people realize that weed can actually be very helpful to those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Pexels photo 59519 ekxarf article

A Quick Guide to Weed-Friendly Hotels

As cannabis tourism grows around the world, we’re starting to see the emergence of weed-friendly hotels.

Smoking and working out 1 sagngu article

Here’s Why You Should Smoke Marijuana Before Working Out

Can cannabis enhance your exercise experience? Many people say that smoking and working out is a great idea. Here's why.

Unpacking Weed's Effect On Memory

Cannabis has some negative effects on the memory - but it might help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Vaping 101: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Vaping is becoming more and more popular - and for a good reason. Read about the benefits of vaping here.

Open uri20170725 2725 1fokpbm article

Here's How Cannabis Can Treat PTSD

As the research on medical marijuana grows, it’s becoming clear that cannabis can treat PTSD patients.