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Sian Ferguson

I'm a freelance writer.

Reporting, essays, analysis, and content writing. Areas of interest include health and social justice. Available for freelance assignments.

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New year resolutions for travelers article

4 New Year's resolutions every traveler should make for 2017

Do you have any New Year's resolutions relating to travel? Here are a few you might want to consider.

Xmasabroad article

Spending Christmas abroad can be lonely. Here's how to make it better.

If you celebrate Christmas, it can be tough to spend the holidays abroad. Here's how to make it better!

Travelaccessible article

Let's stop pretending that travel is accessible to everyone

Traveling can be great, but our ability to travel easily depends on the privilege we have - so it's not accessible to everyone.

Chronicpain article

I travel while dealing with chronic pain. Here's how I make it work.

Nobody wants to sit in a bus for fourteen hours with intense muscle aches, nor is it fun to sit in the same position in an airplane while your back cramps up. As someone who has suffered from chronic pain in the past, here’s how I manage to travel regardless.

Support lgbt communities while traveling article

7 ways travelers can support LGBT communities

Want to support LGBT communities while you travel? Here are a few useful tips.

Cisgender article

4 Ways Cisgender Privilege Shows Up While Traveling

Here are a few ways cisgender privilege shows up while traveling.

Volunteering in africa article

Dear volunteers in Africa: please don't come help until you've asked yourself these 4 questions

I don’t recommend voluntourism. But if you’re set on visiting our continent to volunteer, please ask yourself these four questions before planning your trip.

South africa article

4 Myths About Post-Apartheid South Africa that Most Foreigners Get Wrong

South Africa is often misrepresented in mainstream media. Here are a few myths many foreigners get wrong.

Mentalillnesstravel article

How travel helped me deal with mental health issues

While I’ve tried counseling, support groups and meditation, travel has proved itself to be an unexpected and potent form of therapy. Here are some reasons why.

Budapest woman camera tongue article

3 ways you have straight privilege while traveling

Being aware of privilege is important to understand and tackle inequality and oppression. Here are just a few privileges straight people can count on while traveling.

Travelpartnermentalillness article

How to support a travel partner who has a mental illness

It can be really difficult to know how to support someone’s mental health when you’re traveling with them. Many mentally ill people cope with traveling really well, but being prepared means that you can support them in the worst-case scenario.

Lie moving abroad article

American exchange students: Please don't come to South Africa until you've understood these 5 things.

If you’re an American exchange student coming to study in South Africa, here are a few tips to remember before you arrive.

122191646 5e64b33886 o article

I traveled overseas to be an egg donor. Here’s what I learned.

"Though I absolutely loved my experience, there was a lot that I didn’t know about the process before I embarked on my journey."...

Woman sitting riverside thames big ben london article

How to travel when you suffer from social anxiety

Anxiety can be incredibly debilitating and it can hold you back from enjoying many things - including travel. Here are a few tips and tricks for dealing with social anxiety while traveling.

Gaytravel3 article

4 things I learned as a queer traveler

"Since it’s difficult to pinpoint the culture and norms around sexual orientation and heterosexism in a place where we’ve never been before, the threat of violence can often loom over our head."...